Ok so this is my first wroten tutorial on How to have more internal space on Gooapple V5/Goophone 4gs so for sure there will have some syntax errors.
What you need:
-Backup your rom!(very important)
-Flash_Tools.exe(in download links)
-A toothpick or sim card tool(to put in the headphones)
-Drivers(in download links)
-Net framework 3.0 or up

Plug the phone in your computer and close the phone
Extract and then run Flash_Tools.exe
Then click options and choose USB Mode(make sure there is a hook)

Then click Scatter-Loading and open "MT6573_Android_scatter.txt"

When that is done. Uncheck "PRELOADER" and "DSP_BL"

Now is the moment of truth lol! Prepare your phone and the toothpick or sim card tool.
Click Download, than you have 15 seconds to put the toothpick or sim card tool in the headphone jack
When that is done it will start downloading like this:
When it is succesfully done, this will appear:
After you click okay this: will also appear:

You can then click "x" and quit Flash_Tools.exe
To boot: Long-click then power button the booting time may be longer then usual.
Hope it helped!
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