So you've been playing with your phone and messed up the default factory Chinese recovery? This tutorial will get you up and running again so you can reinstall gooapple factory ROMS from this website or 

Before you begin backup your SDcard to you PC just in case you accidently wipe it!!
1) use Superoneclick 2.3.3 to Root it 1st. (
2) Copy V53GrecoveryWMW.img onto your SDcard root (
3) Install Mobile uncle tools ( and select "recovery update" in mobileuncle tools app ->V53GrecoveryWMW.img from your SDcard. Phone will reboot into original gooapple Chinese recovery now.
4) At Chinese recovery prompt do the following:
a) click - volume button 4 times to get to SD and click power button to select
b) click - volume button 1 time to get to SD and click power button to select
c) click + volume button X times to get to desired gooapple and click power button to select
d) again - click + volume button X times to get to desired gooapple and click power button to select
e) Chinese words appear... (x3) and after 2mins SD chinese word appears which says completed.
f) click Home button once to return to previous menu
g) click - 2 times to select Data and click power button to select
h) click + button X times to select the only chinese word in the menu and click power button to select. Formatting /data... Formatting /cache... Formatting /sd-ect... Formatting /sdcard/.android_secure... then Chinese word for completed.
i) click the home button, make sure you are on the 1st(top) chinese word in the list and click power button to select. now the phone will reboot for the 1st time of your new ROM. All previous data will have been wiped including installed applications in the IOS/Android menu. However the data on the SDcard will still be there so you can reinstall apk's and access folders and files you have made on it.

Tutorial written by CraigGee


04/28/2012 6:34am

does not work for me...the phone reboots and get stuck on the reboot with old rom i need to press at the same time POWER and HOME buttons

04/29/2012 8:48am

I have the same problem. However, I have to press the reset button in the headphone jack to reboot the device. Can anyone help?

05/25/2012 11:52pm

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06/24/2012 12:08am

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08/08/2012 10:51am

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08/09/2012 8:30am

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09/17/2012 8:57pm

I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.


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